John, Christine, & Ella


Welcome to our online home!  Here you will find the pictures and stories that narrate our life.  We are currently working on this new site, so you will find a lot of areas are still under construction, and updates occur frequently.


Our Family

John  -  Childhood photos of John
Christine  -  Childhood photos of Christine
Ella  -  Our special little addition to our family

Our Wedding  -  Photos of our wedding

Our Home

Our House  -  Blood, sweat, and even a few tears
Big Lake  -  The town
Minnesota  -  The land of 10,000 lakes



Flying  -  An addictive hobby that has consumed both John and Christine
Auto Racing  -  Do 16 year old boys ever grow up?  Not John
Skiing  -  Two pieces of waxed wood and a snow covered slope...weeeeeee
Snowmobiling  -  It's like skiing without the lift lines!


Florida  -  Disney, Kennedy Space Center, Atlantic Ocean
Bahamas  -  Beautiful blue Nassau
New Orleans  -  New Years '03 in New Orleans
Western Caribbean Cruise  -  Grand Cayman, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel
San Francisco  -  SF Bay, Golden Gate Park, Napa Valley
Italy  -  Maritea, Pisa, Maranello, Rome
New Orleans  -  New Years in New Orleans...The Sequel '05
Livermore  -  Livermore, Castle AFB, and central valley